Uncle Erich And Aunty Joan

Two angels walked there

Once upon a time…Two angels were lost in the forests of Africa.

Lazy lions saw their equals and let them pass in honour,

whilst elegant eagles gasped at them in wonder.

As adults were drawn to their fun and laughter,

littlest children sought them lovingly

and the heavens sang joyously.

They never complained of the hyenas, forgiving them their silliness.

And, wherever they walked beautifully coloured butterflies would flutter,

their flittery flight filling the air with a glitter scented breeze.

Though they could fly, they chose instead to walk through the forests of Africa.

The plains lived ever brighter because they were there,

and the air was sweeter still because of their care.

Every bird song twittered more joyfully,

as those gentle little creatures stopped to stare.

Telling everyone…that two angels walked there.

Some think the hyenas got their silly way,

but I believe they were never lost at all,

choosing instead to hide their wings,

especially…to see us and bless our day.

Birthplace of the Sun is dedicated to my Aunt Joan and Uncle Erich Illemann who joined the angels within five months of each other (13th of February and the 7th of July 2016).

Their hearts were pure and dedicated to their special love.