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July 2016


Uncle Erich And Aunty Joan

Two angels walked there

Once upon a time…Two angels were lost in the forests of Africa.

Lazy lions saw their equals and let them pass in honour,

whilst elegant eagles gasped at them in wonder.

As adults were drawn to their fun and laughter,

littlest children sought them lovingly

and the heavens sang joyously.

They never complained of the hyenas, forgiving them their silliness.

And, wherever they walked beautifully coloured butterflies would flutter,

their flittery flight filling the air with a glitter scented breeze.

Though they could fly, they chose instead to walk through the forests of Africa.

The plains lived ever brighter because they were there,

and the air was sweeter still because of their care.

Every bird song twittered more joyfully,

as those gentle little creatures stopped to stare.

Telling everyone…that two angels walked there.

Some think the hyenas got their silly way,

but I believe they were never lost at all,

choosing instead to hide their wings,

especially…to see us and bless our day.

Birthplace of the Sun is dedicated to my Aunt Joan and Uncle Erich Illemann who joined the angels within five months of each other (13th of February and the 7th of July 2016).

Their hearts were pure and dedicated to their special love.


The power of Peridot


Peridot, being the center stone of the golden headpiece Angela had to find to begin her mission, in Birthplace of the Sun, meant that its purpose had to perfectly fit the story.  The beautiful thing is that when I chose peridot, to be the center stone, it was on faith alone.  It was only months later when polishing the story, and researching its different aspects more fully, that I discovered all these amazing attributes to Peridot and how perfectly it actually fit.   If ever there was a validation of Steven Pressfield’s thoughts (as he expressed them in the amazing: The War of Art, which I’ve recently completed and blogged on in my LyLau Artistry blog) on Muses (I see them more as guides) who support artists, writers, and the like, I have to say it was this.  It gave me that ah-hah moment of wonder at the entire process and an awed ‘Wow!’ with huge gratitude for being part of it all.

The following sites were consulted, and I share just a few of the attributes from each, with the odd note of my own:

  1.  Jewels for me
    1. Legend has it that, Peridot if set in gold dispels terrors of the night, even as it protects the wearer from the evil eye (jealousy), which Angela would battle nightly till her mission was successfully completed;
    2. It is said to help one understand ones destiny or spiritual purpose, and Angela would use it to find her powers of healing;
    3. Peridot gives self confidence, which any person would need once they’d learned that they were one of the Birth Mothers of earth;
    4. It also heals and regenerates tissue;
    5. The Bishop of Mainz (1100 years ago): ‘…is shown true spiritual preaching accompanied by miracles.’
    6. Interesting facts:
      1. Also known as Chrysolite;
      2. First mined in 1400BC, on Topazo Island, in the Egyptian Red Sea;
      3. It is formed of very slowly cooled magma, as the east solidified;
      4. It is also found in meteorites;
      5. Hawaii’s black basalt rocks are studded with tiny Peridot grains;
      6. South Africa’s Kimberlite (mineral matrix where diamonds are found) holds microscopic grains of Peridot;
      7. Cleopatra’s emeralds are believed to have actually been Peridot;
      8. The Smithsonain houses a stone of 310 carats;
      9. Believed to be the second gem in Aaron’s breastplate in the Bible and may also have been the seventh foundation stone for the New Jerusalem.
  2. Healing Crystals
    1. Peridot offers deep healing vibrations to the entire body, for any type of energy healing;
    2. A powerfully protective crystal.
  3. Healing Crystals for you
    1. Important cellular rejuvenator, and thus highly beneficial in the types of healings Angela would need to perform;
    2. A stone for prosperity and happiness, as she sought her ‘Great love’;
    3. Other interesting facts about Peridot:
      1. Found in Brazil, Pakistan, Australia, Ireland, Russia, SriLanka, USA and Egypt;
      2. Also known as Olivine as iron gives it its green colouring.
  4. Crystal and Jewelry
    1. Found Peridot to be a stone of compassion, which is an important component in the story for it was Angela’s compassion that led her to heal;
    2. An excellent healer, it noted that Peridot also assists in rebirth and renewal of all kinds;
    3. Finally, it assists in finding what is lost and strengthens ESP.  Angela needed her Peridot headpiece to locate the hidden golden sphere.
  5. Charms of Light
    1. Adds that Peridot opens the heart to joy and new relationships.   Perhaps that allowed Angela to be more open to seeing herself and Jacques in a new way.
  6. Vivalachi
    1. Beautifully, the ancient Egyptians are said to have called Peridot ‘the gem of the sun’.  What could possibly tie in more perfectly, with the ‘Birthplace of the sun’?
    2. Ancient lore also believed that it was a gift of Mother Nature to celebrate the annual creation of a new world.  Again perfect as Angela was, after all, a Birth Mother of Earth;
    3. It was also said to dissolve enchantments and wizardry, which came in handy as Angela tried to beat off the curse of evil Birth Mothers;
    4. Of course, being able to help dreams become reality, was both a blessing and a curse for Angela, as it would bring her great love and great evil;
    5. Interesting facts:
      1. Also known as Topazion and Topazius by the Greeks and Romans;
      2. Its chemical composition is: magnesium iron silicate;
      3. A crystal system of short, compact prisms, which are vertically striated;
      4. Hardness: 6.5-7 (Mholhs scale);
      5. It is also currently being researched to possibly remove CO2 from the atmosphere, and in a process to also produce energy.
  7. Spheres of Light
    1. Described it as a ‘sun’ stone, which generates warm, happy and friendly dispositions;
    2. It wards off evil spirits, especially Birth Mothers;
    3. Legends note them glowing at night;
    4. A healing crystal used in childbirth, it is thus also the perfect gift from the Creator to a Birth Mother;
    5. Opens one to new challenges and adventures, which the couple experienced in abundance;
    6. Used to channel spirits and dissolve enchantments;
    7. Magical uses: love, environment, natural healing of people and the planet (especially land and forests);
    8. Associated with goddesses:
      1. Fashioned into cups for soma to connect with the nature goddess, Isis (Egyptian goddess of magic and giver of life);
      2. Hathor (Egyptian goddess of love, motherhood, joy and fertility.  Patron goddess of miners too) to help women in childbirth;
      3. Venus (Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility).
  8. My CrystalPedia
    1. Symbolises the sun;
    2. Assists in rebirth and renewal of all kinds;
    3. Meditate with it to connect to the Divine Mind, as it draws down energy and vibrations from higher dimensions, which Angela needed on many occasions.
  9. Shimmerlings
    1. Especially good at healing healers, which was again something that was vital to the success of the mission;
    2. Protection from enchantment and wards off illusion, evil spirits and the evil eye;
    3. Regulator of the cycles of life, such as birth;
    4. Visionary stone, connecting us to our destiny and understanding our purpose;
    5. Mirrors bad energies back to its origins;
    6. Brings vitality and healing to the entire body
    7. Also connected to:
      1. Indian: Lakshmi
      2. Egyptian: Isis
      3. Celtic: Cernunnus.

It was revelations such as these, during the course of writing this book, which both humbled and uplifted.

Thank you Creator.

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