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The novel ‘Birthplace of the sun’ is as interwoven in gold, as is the land upon which it is located.

Heroin, Angela Bosch, must find: a headpiece of gold, with its peridot stone drop, and a golden sphere if she is to escape the hate-filled, ghostly birth mothers who seek her destruction.  The fact that it is made of gold is highly significant and is explored in this piece.

Mpumalanga Province

Remember my mentioning, in An incredible location, that the novel was based in and around the Adams Calendar (Inzalo Y’langa), in Mpumalanga?

Well, 50km from the Calendar is the town of Barberton, whose mountains are amongst the oldest in the world, dating back 3.5 billion years. Their volcanic rocks, know as the Barberton Greenstone Belt, hold the first forms of life on earth – a bacterial micro fossil (Archaeosphaeroides barbertonensis).

It is also a few hundred kilometers from the ‘Cradle of humankind’, where new ancient human skeletons are constantly being discovered.  The latest of which is the discovery, classified by Dr Lee Berger in 2013, of the mystifying Homo Naledi.

This made the area sufficiently ancient and the perfect location for the creation of the first humans of earth, especially as it tied in with the local legend that Birthplace of the sun – (is) where humanity was created by the gods.


But why use gold as a central core?

Well, besides the fact that the area is literally littered with old mine shaft markers…

Mine shaft
Old mine shaft a few meters from Adam’s Calendar

Gold also has many spiritual, energetic and inherent qualities, which tied perfectly into the story.

  • Gold’s vibration is connected with the sun and legend states that gold is ruled by the sun.
    • Making it perfect for ‘the Birthplace of the Sun’, which is located in ‘The place where the sun rises’ (the province of Mpumalanga).
  • Considered the bringer of wealth, happiness and comfort, as well as being a mineral of spirituality, magic and understanding.  It actually generates and transforms negative energy, it prevents spiritual corrosion, and it adds to the realm of complete understanding as it clears away negativity.  It emits an energy which prompts one to allow beauty to come forth from ones inner core.  Used in purification and balancing the heart chakra, it also opens the third eye and crown chakra’s.
    • Angela had to connect to God in order to remember her ancient past, and
    • She also needed to ward off the evil ghosts of the other Birth Mother of Earth, with what some may call magic.
  • Gold is the colour of wisdom
    • Angela needed the wisdom of the gold to fairly and justly determine who was to be healed, and
    • The golden sphere, she had to find and deliver, was to impart wisdom to the Presidency of the country.
  • It is said to assist one in tuning-in to nature and its healing forces, and has been called ‘the master healer’.
    • Angela had always been strongly connected to nature, and
    • She would use that to heal a nation and continent.
  • It eases those overburdened by responsibility, depression, inferiority.  It calms anger, even as it alleviates stress and amplifies positive feelings.
    • She had to stop the birth mothers and save the country, whilst healing the planet, and if she did not succeed she’d not find her Great Love.  It was a frightfully daunting task for one who did not know what was to be done to achieve it, at first, and she naturally had doubts as to her ability to succeed.
    • Angela would use it to survive and reenergize after months of lack of sleep from the nightly hauntings of the birthmothers.
    • It helped her accept that she had great power and influence, in order to overcome her natural feelings of insecurity given the monumental task she had to perform.
    • It aided her in coming into her true power and being comfortable with who she was changing into.
  • It is also a thought amplification aid with projective qualities onto other minerals and crystals, especially topaz, rubies, orange zircon and peridot.  Setting these in gold increases and enhances their power turning them into powerful amulets.
    • As her headpiece was partnered with Peridot, she’d use its thought amplification for protection from the Birth Mothers who sought to kill her and her guardians.
    • She’d also use it to save the life of her beloved.
  • Favoured in wedding bands, it is associated with love and faithfulness.
    • This aspect was the perfect fit for her journey to her Great Love.

Interesting facts about gold:

Availability of gold

Gold was discovered in copper ores in the earths crust, around 3 000BC and around 75 000 tons of gold had been extracted up to 2002.  Gold is being depleted and it now takes a lot more energy to extract the smaller quantities available:

  • Late 1800’s one could extract 25-30 grams of gold per ton
  • In 2012 we were down to just 1.22 grams of gold per ton
  • Just between 2005 and 2012 gold production dropped by 27%
  • And between 2011 and 2012 it dropped by 6% alone.


Found in South Africa, Russia, Australia and the USA.


Hardness 2.5-3.

Its atomic structure has six energy levels: 2, 8, 18, 32, 18, 1.  Its atomic number is 79, having 79 protons and 118 neutrons, and it has a melting point of 1064.43 degrees Celsius.

It is considered a transition metal with a cubic crystalline structure.

Its metallic bonds form non-directionally.  It is different from silver and gets its colour from its strong bond of positivity charged metal atoms in fixed positions surrounded by delocalized / scattered electrons. Free electrons means that they can move in the presence of an electric field, thus permitting energy bands to overlap.


Silver, gold and copper have similar electron configurations.  The different colours are the result of gold and copper having low reflectivity at short wavelengths, so that the red and yellow are preferentially reflected, whilst silver has a good reflectivity that does not vary with wavelengths and so its colour is close to white.

Gold mixed with copper becomes red-gold, if it is dissolved with silver it becomes green-gold, if it is blended with palladium and silver it becomes white-gold, and if it is added to indium or gallium it becomes blue-gold.  Gold can also be coloured using surface oxide layers by adding base metals to create blue, brown and even black-gold.

Power generation using Gold

The UC Santa Barbara’s Department of chemistry, chemical engineering and materials has used gold in the generation of renewable power:

  • A ‘forest’ of gold nano rods were capped with a crystalline layer of titanium dioxide decorated with platinum nano particles set in water and a cobalt-based oxidation catalyst before being deposited onto the lower portion of a solar array.
  • During the reaction, the water bonds (hydrogen ions) to split causing holes which generate electricity.
  • Important to note is that these nano rods were not subject to photo corrosion like current technologies, and will thus outlast their current counterparts.

Colouring Glass

Nanoparticles can also colour glass…colloidal silver creates yellow, whilst gold produces a purple-red and silver gives glass a pink (modernly called nano shells).  These concentrations can be thinned down to produce other colours for example golds purple colour will become greens and blues as the coating shell is thinned because the diameter of gold nano particles determines wavelengths absorbed and resultant colour.

References not already linked to in the text:

Book: ‘Healing crystals and gemstones’ by Dr Flora Peschek-Bohmer and Gisela Schreiber