Calendar center stones 2 snap copy
The two center stones of the Birthplace of the Sun
The Birthplace of the Sun is situated just outside the small tourist town of Kaapse Hoop (Afrikaans for: ‘Cape’s Hope’) in the North Eastern province of South Africa, known as Mpumalanga (Zulu for: ‘The place where the sun rises‘).

I visited Inzalo Y’langa (Zulu for: ‘Birthplace of the Sun‘, also referred to as ‘Adam’s Calendar‘) in 2009, on a day tour led by Michael Tellinger.

He has extensively researched both the calendar and the thousands of stone circles in the area (Blog).  During his research, he consulted ancient African knowledge keepers who revealed that the site was linked, in local cultural lore, to the creation of humanity.  He notes on Facebook, ‘Inzalo Y’langa – Birthplace of the sun – (is) where humanity was created by the gods.’

Though considered to be many thousands of years old and being known to the ancient African knowledge keepers, the calendar was only brought to the attention of the public in 2003, by the South African pilot Johan Heine.  Whilst photographing the area from above one of his pilots crashed, and in trying to locate the crash site he came across the calendar.

The two center stones of the calendar act as a sundial, whilst its outer circle of stone uprights align to the compass points and solstices, tracking the movement of the sun about its circumference.

As I wondered about the site I felt compelled to meditate in two of its locations.  First, I touched the two center stones (pictured above) and felt such an incredibly powerful sense of love and connection to the universe that tears silently gathered in my eyes, as my heart overflowed with it.  Later, kneeling to touch the birth place stone, I got a sense of levitation and of floating weightlessly above the ground.  I should make it clear at this point, that though I love yoga and meditation, and have begun to write fiction, I am ordinarily a frightfully practical person who is seldom taken by flights of fantasy.

Those impressions were so powerful, however, that I can still feel them now, as I think back on it.  I decided to combine them with some of what is known of the site, and let the story flow about and through it all.