Art has always been my great love, my northern star in a sense, and I recently rediscovered a lost branch of it, writing.  How it happened…its rediscovery…is actually quite an odd story and one which undoubtedly motivated few other authors initially.

December 2015, found me without reading material and, being that laid back time of year just perfect for the pursuit, I knew it required immediate remedying.  Searching about, I simply could not find a sufficiently captivating read in the usual sources and locations.  Whilst racking my brain for creative new directions to scour, inspiration struck, and I decided to create one for myself.

I began with a single idea, as I do when I create a work of art, letting it develop naturally, thereby allowing it its own life and will.  I have the belief that true creativity is purely drawn from the Ether (a universal source, if you will), and that if one excessively tried to control its direction, it would lose its true beauty.  Or, as Michelangelo put it when asked how he created David, he said: “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”  He was always there.

That single idea, for my first novel, was to highlight the existence of Africa’s very own ‘Stonehenge’.  Few in South Africa are even aware of its existence, never mind the need for its preservation.  In the news for some time now has been the frightful destruction of historically significant, often ancient and priceless, sites due either to conflicting modern ideologies or to progress – flooding areas to build dams or flattening lands for roads or buildings.  These tragedies need to be halted.  Things of beauty, intelligence and historical reference need to be kept sacred for our children.  With this in mind…there could be no doubt that central to my first novel had to be ‘Adam’s’ Calendar, know to locals as ‘Inzalo Y’langa’ or ‘Birthplace of the Sun’.

And so it all began.